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Created for Archery Retailers, designed by Archery shop owners! ePro powered by OrgMyRange can be completely customizable to be tailored to fit the needs of your shop, manage employees, and customers!

ePro provides a wide range of services to companies across the nation!

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Work Orders

Our work order feature allows you to track each customer’s work orders, and send them text and/or notifications along the way if necessary.

Range Management

Our software has a built in system that allows you to manage your range, create memberships, and see live activity updates right on the home screen.

Automated Sales and Memberships

Our software has a built in vendor database and universal barcode search that allows your inventory to be added and edited very easily. Our POS system allows you to apply sales (discounts) and memberships automatically, and has built in features to minimize human error. 

Detailed Reporting

Reporting features for OrgMyRange include over 50 detailed reports at your fingertips with options to export to Excel. Custom reports from our support team can also be requested to make your life easier!


"Using ePRO makes it much easier to track sales, maintain customer files, update inventory, and print clear receipts. Having our system in the “cloud” makes it accessible wherever we have internet access and on whatever device we have ie. computer, laptop, smartphone, iPad."
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Weavers Archery
Archery store in Kreamer, Pennsylvania
"E-pro is the single most effective tool for managing our pro shop. The point of sale is simple to use and designed specifically for the archery retailer. Our inventory is always up to date, and writing and receiving purchase orders couldn’t be more simple and effective. Work orders are easy to input, and the bow desk is the best tool for keeping track of our commitments to the customer. The customer card and kiosk system keeps track of range usage by the minute, which is not only fair to the customer but maximizes our profits. Great job E-Pro!"
Shooters Archery, LLC
Archery store in Linton, Indiana
"E-Pro has really been a real positive asset to our business. It has saved us a lot of time over our old paper-based system. We no longer have to spend time searching for the status of a client’s work order, it is right in the system. It makes us look much more professional and the client loves the text and e-mail messages."
A-1 Archery
Archery store in St. Croix County, Wisconsin

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