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Discovery Archery
Are you wanting to see what all the buzz is about archery? If you are wanting to know what it is like to hit a target with an arrow, then join us in our discovery archery program! In discovery Archery our certified instructors will walk you through the basics of archery. We provide you all the equipment you need.This class is offered in a fun group setting. Class is one hour.

Monday 5:30-6:30

Intro to Bowhunting
Looking to get into the great sport of Bowhunting? This one day class covers everything the new bowhunter needs to know to go into the field and be successful. Class is taught by experienced hunters and outdoorsman. Topics covered include: Choosing the right broadhead, arrow, sight. Glassing and stalking techniques. Shot placement and blood trailing. What to do after the kill. Meat packing tips and much more!

Sat June 1st 4:30pm

Womens League
We know how competitive you women are! Thatís why we gave you your own night to shoot. Our womenís league is one night a month and offers a great opportunity make new friends with women who share your passion of archery. This league is fun and laid back. Whether your a seasoned pro or just getting into archery, this will help you sharpen your archery skills.

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Next Step Archery 6wk June 5th 5:30
For those new students that would like to grow their Archery skills. We recommend our 6 week Next Step Archery class. This class focuses on the individual shooter and taking his or her archery skills to the next level. Students will expand their understanding of proper grip, stance, form, along with the importance of properly tuned equipment. This is a six week class, meeting once a week.

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