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Cajun Archers Academy and Range

425 Saint Deporres St., Suite 104 Broussard,LA 70518

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Try Archery Group Classes
Start here for a short introduction to archery as you learn the basics of form, equipment and range safety. This one time class is best suited for the student that wants to try archery without a long-term commitment. Given Every Saturday from 1-2 pm. All equipment is provided. Price is $35 per class Ages 10 and above

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Level 1 Group Classes
Our structured Level 1 classes are given in 6-week sessions. Students can expect to learn Range safety, Basic archery form, become familiar with the National Training System shot cycle, and much more. Ages 10 and above, archers can enjoy the learning experience with their peers. All equipment is provided. You don't need to be new to archery to learn from this class. Take as a refresher and you might be surprised with what you learn. Price is $180 for the 6 week class.

Mondays 4:30

Tuesdays 5:30

Wednesdays 6:30

Adults Only-Thursdays 5:30

Adults Only-Thursdays 6:30

Level 2 Group Classes
Our structured Level 2 classes are for students who have mastered the basic fundamentals of the shot cycle. Given in 6-week sessions, students develop further detail and technique of the NTS with more complex equipment and accessories of both recurve and compound bows. Age requirements are 10 and above. Equipment with accessories all provided by Cajun Archers. Price is $180 for the 6 week class.

Mondays 5:30

Tuesdays 6:30

Wednesdays 4:30

Level 3 Group Classes
In our Level 3 we will continue to master technique and build endurance & consistency while fine tuning for a strong shot execution. Ages 10 and above can take part in this class. Equipment is provided for archers who do not have their own but is strongly suggested. Price is $180 for the 6 week class.

Mondays 6:30

Tuesdays 4:30

Wednesdays 5:30

Homeschool Group Practice
Our archery group practice for homeschoolers is a great way to get PE credits while developing a skill. Students age 10-18 can enjoy archery in a setting that will accommodate all skill levels. Price is $25 per student for each session & will be open on the same day & time each week. *This is not a class of detailed instruction. Please inquire about class schedules if requiring detailed instruction.



Wednesday Night League
Join us for our Wednesday Night League for fun and friendly competition. This league runs 7 weeks with handicaps started on week 1. There will be a 33% cash payout to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners. Begins March 22 - May 3rd, 7:00pm. First Night Registration includes Pot money & fee for first shoot. This league is shot on shooters choice of Vegas or 10 ring World Archery Target

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Summer Camps
Our introductory level summer camps are a fun way to explore the world of archery. Students will learn Range Safety, Equipment basics, and get an introduction to The National Training System. This 4 day camp will be 3 hours long. Cost is $300 - with equipment and snacks provided.

Morning Camps

Afternoon Camps

Explore Bowhunting Camp
This camp is for young aspiring hunters. It teaches about wildlife, gear, tactics hunting ethics, the importance of hunting, and much more. Choose from 6 camp dates. Camp is 4 days, 3 hours each day. Equipment is provided. Cost is $300

Morning Camp Dates

Afternoon Camp Dates

Homeschool Parents Night
This Event Is Reserved for The Parents of Our Homeschool Group Only. Join your friends for a well deserved night of archery entertainment. The space is reserved for your group and all equipment is provided. Date and time of this event is Saturday April 22nd from 6 - 7:30pm. Cost for this event is $25 per person

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