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A Nock Above intro to archery- Thursday
Book 5 consecutive weeks for a total of $80 where you learn a couple of fundamentals each week. Stance, Grip, Anchor Point, Aiming, Follow Through, and Attitude - Pick the start time that works best for you and then see available class dates.

Sign Up Thursday 5:30pm

Archery World Classic (Lacey) October 22-24
Archery World Classic (1st Leg of 3) Over $18,000 purse for all three events! This event is a 660 round on a multicolor target where x's are 11 points. Multiple Shooting Divisions. Plus bonus cash for top qualifiers with highest aggregate for all three legs. If you have been wanting competition with a high cash pay out, here it is!

Sign up Friday 6pm Oct 22

Sign up Saturday 8am Oct 23

Sign up Saturday 1pm Oct 23

Sign up Saturday 6pm Oct 23

Lacey Tuesday Multi Color League
We will shoot a 30 arrow multi color round for score. Your score will be used to set up a handicap for the tournament style shoot off at the end of the night. This is a drop in league

Sign up now!

After School Leagues - Thursday
This league was created for 3rd grade through 12th grade. This is great for Homeschoolers, Public Schoolers, and Private Schoolers! It is a fun interactive league setting that helps archers perfect their skills whether they have never shot a bow to archers that have shot for years. Give your child something they will thank you for and want to do again! If you sign up for all 5 league dates the cost is $12 per date. If you can't commit to the entire time frame, don't worry, you can sign up for an individual league date for $15 to see what its all about.

Sign Up Thursday 4pm

Wednesday -A Nock Above Intro to Archery
A Nock Above Intro to Archery - intro class for all ages to learn the basic fundamentals of archery. From safety to mental game we have you covered.

Wednesday Sign Ups!

Archery World Academy Clinic-Intro to archery 9am-11am
This Clinic is great for anyone that has never shot or that is trying to become better. The coach will teach the basic skills of archery and introduce students to new techniques that will help them become better, more confident archers. If you have been wanting to start the sport of archery or become better at it, THIS CLINIC IS FOR YOU. Clinic start time is 9am-11am

Sign up Saturday 9am AUG 14th

Tuesday ASA 3D League
This is a fun 3D ASA style shoot - unmarked yardage - no rangefinders

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