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OrgMyRange comes standard with over 25 reports that can be filtered and exported to excel to make your life easier. We continuously add more reports and always have the ability to create cutom reporting features that fit to your shops needs. Our most beloved reports include:

Our software has a built in vendor database and universal barcode search that allows your inventory to be uploaded and edited very easily. Purchase Orders are simple and effective which makes ordering and receiving new inventory a breeze. Manage all  paid and unpaid invoices from purchase orders at the click of a button!

OrgMyRange offers over 25 reports that can be filtered and exported to Excel to make your life easier. Reporting includes sales, inventory, taxes, range and marketing specifics. We are continuously updating reports and can always customize a report based on your shops specific needs. 

Our built in range and league management software allows you to manage your range, create memberships and see live activity right on your home screen. We even offer a range kiosk station that customers can check in and out all on their own! Create leagues that allow your customers to sign up and pay online to reserve their spot!

Our automated coupon, sales, memberships and discounts eliminate human error always offering the best service to your customers!

  • POS System
  • Customer Management
  • Work Orders
  • Purchasing
  • Customizable Settings & Employee Permissions
  • Employee Time System
  • Sales & Shop Reports
  • Gmail & Quickbooks Integration
  • Firearms Management
  • Range Management & Activity
  •  Leagues/Classes
  • Marketing Tools
  • Online Ordering