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Lessons Offered

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6-Week Beginner Archery
I'm ready for 6 weeks to get me up and running!
Cost: $132 for 6 weeks
Equipment: Provided
Prerequisites: Intro to Archery

Ages 8+ Thursdays 6-7 PM
Ages 8+ Saturdays 12-1 PM
Ages 8+ Wednesdays 430-530 PM
Ages 18+ Wednesdays 730-830 PM

Summer Camps
I'm off of school and want a whole week of archery!
Cost: June camps $100, July camps $120
Equipment: Provided
Prerequisites: None

12:30-2 PM Session
2:30-4 PM Session

6-Week Intermediate Archery
I'm hooked and want more!
Cost: $144 for 6 weeks
Equipment: Provided or bring your own
Prerequisites: Archery 101 "passing score" or instructor permission

Ages 8+ Saturdays 1030-1130 AM
Ages 8+ Tuesdays 6-7 PM

In-House Tournament
Come shoot a few arrows and eat with some friends!

Sunday 7/22

Spot League
Join us for some friendly competition with 10% payback and 90% handicap. Recurve, Compounds, Beginners and Pros welcome!

Starting July 9

Cosmic Archery
Thatís right! Itís exactly what you think it is, COSMIC ARCHERY!
Cost: $30
Equipment: Provided
Prerequisites: None

Friday 7:30-8:30 PM

Junior Olympic Archery Development/Adult Archery Achievement
Come enjoy a night of archery with friends and fun! Develop your skills in a fun environment and score for achievement awards!
Cost: $15 per session (or $12.50 per session if full month is purchased)
Equipment: Provided or bring your own
Prerequisites: Archery 101 "passing score"

JOAD Wednesdays 5:45-7:15 PM
AAA Tuesdays 715-845 PM
JOAD/AAA Saturdays 830-10 AM

Shoot outdoors at Papago Archery Range.
Cost: $15
Equipment: Must have your own
Prerequisites: Prior JOAD/AAA attendence

Saturday Noon-1:30PM

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